Smart and Sustainable Cities

The Research Unit of the FGES

Smart and Sustainable Cities (SSC) relies primarily on studies about and within the city but sometimes it goes beyond these boundaries when it comes to understanding how the city feeds itself, for example.

Our goal is to better understand how societal changes are taking place due to the development of new technologies and the ubiquity of digital technology.

Our research unit is helping to improve our knowledge of transition processes from different perspectives.

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Look back on the 4th online conference-debate

A look back at the 4th conference-debate on June 7, 2021 on the measures and challenges of fuel poverty.

We had the pleasure of listening to Isolde Devalière, energy poverty project manager at ADEME and Paul Makdissi, professor at the University of Ottawa.

Our latest news

New publication in pedagogy

A pedagogical publication has been accepted for Véronique Flambard. This is a reflection on collaborative work with an American university carried out by this year's M1 International Management. The...

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Recent publications

  • Makhloufi L., Laghouag A.A., Ali Sahli A. and Belaïd F.

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  • Belaïd, F., Boukrami, E. and Amine, R.

Renewable Energy in the MENA Region: Key Challenges and Lessons Learned. Advances in Managing Energy and Climate Risks: Financial, Climate and Environmental Sustainable Strategies, p.1.

  • Tsvetanova, L., Carraresi, L., Wustmans, M., Bröring, S.

Actors’ strategic goals in emerging technological innovation systems: evidence from the biorefinery sector in Germany. Technology Analysis & Strategic Management. DOI: 10.1080/09537325.2021.1919300

  • Xu Y., Flambard V.

“Introducing multicultural experiences through virtual partnerships”. Journal of Education for Business.